It is Always Christmas to me, Not a Political Issue

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While driving home from Albany Airport after a week of exploring northern New Mexico I thought I would catch up with the news, I hadn’t for a week. It turned out to be a good decision not to while away. I like to pride myself on listening to both sides of the spectrum, right and left. I happened to listen to a network that seemed to play an ongoing saga; Christmas is dead, killed by the left! Couldn’t be I though, I just left Bill Richardson’s state and x-mass was stamped all over.

It reminded me of one time while in Macau, China I heard the same crap on a cable broadcast, we can’t celebrate Christmas. Macau was filled with cheer. It seemed ludicrous to me then as it does now, the houses as I pulled up near to mine had streaming lights, as if a landing strip and I was landing. With all the stuff that really matters, I do not care if it is a Holiday Tree or sacrificial pine, it is peace to men and for that matter all creation. With that thought in mind I burned a sage smudge carried home to cleanse. I charge the right with using Christmas as a political issue, stop, no matter what you believe enjoy the blessings you have received over the year. Pry those ristas from my cold dead fingers…