Johnny Jet Travel Special, Jan 1st 9:00 PM

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Way back, in online time anyway I wrote an article for Transitions Abroad magazine about online travel websites. The number one pick way back then was one called Johnny Jet. It still remains tops in my book, more usable info than other countless ones. I am glad to see that my friend John E. DiScala, the Johnny in Jet, (aka to me as the Jetster) will be hosting his first televised special on the Travel Channel, New Years Day. Time 9:00 PM EST, mark it.

I have had the pleasure of traveling with Jetster several times over the years, two of the most memorable were Morocco and a Club Med in southern France. Johnny loved heading to the trapeze every chance he had and often in Fes we would be in the lobby late into the night working. His work ethic is big and I’m glad to see is paying off. After a full day of football I for one am looking forward to watching Johnny do what he does best, inform the travel public. His picks for Hot Spots in 2012 will be one you can bank on.