New Mexico, a Healing Experience

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My third foray on the travel trail was a complete success, after some serious health issues. New Mexico was healing and wonderful, was it the scenery, people or food? All I think! I packed a lot into six days of road tripping; it was in everyway such a pleasure. Is there a place in the US that has so much to offer? Loading up the Jeep daily and cruising through snowstorms, mountain passes, reservations and just plain being out once again into the world. I was wondering many times if that would ever happen again. Traveled to Santa Fe, Taos and back to Santa Fe, ending in the Duke City, Albuquerque. I loved the stories I heard from the many interesting people met. The unique lodgings and chile inspired food. The constant vistas that wowed me. For the first time in a long time I feel whole again, doing what I loveā€¦