Quest for the Perfect Tamale

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El Pinto Restaurant

It’s Friday afternoon in Albuquerque and the cold front has moved out. However, the roof of my mouth is on fire!

The freezing temps have been replaced by the infamous hot salsa sauce by El Pinto.

Established in 1962, El Pinto is a world famous New Mexican Restaurant in the North Valley. They thrive in making the best tamales – topped with green or red chile sauce.

Today the Owner and Manager and Chef of El Pinto guided us through the formula of what makes it the best. Their secret recipe has been widely enjoyed by political and entertainment celebrities like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Snoop Dogg, George Strait, Katy Perry, Toby Keith, George Lopez and Bill Cosby. In 2006, Food Network did a show declaring it “a restaurant famous for its fiery foods.”

I videotaped plenty of footage of the tour so stay tuned for a vignette on the process!