Taos Pueblo, Back in Time

The cold wind bit through my down jacket like it was a tee shirt and the clouds clung to the mountains as if they were magnetic. For 800 years Native Americans have lived on Taos Pueblo. It is said to be the oldest continuously inhabited community in the USA. Even today there is no running water or electricity by tribal order, tradition rules there.

I felt when I first arrived that I alone was transported back in time, the cold kept most in or away. I ran into a sole resident, painter, sculptor and potter, Jeralyn Lucero who invited me to her room to see her work. The pot bellied stove glowed orange and the warmth welcome. We shared a good hour telling each other something about our lives and ourselves. Her work was fantastic and I bought some items for the home. I will always remember a bitter cold day in the Pueblo, a UNESCO site.