This One is for Max Hartshorne

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I have been writing for Gonomad for quite sometime now and my blog is also hosted by them. This is a relationship that grew out of a speculative article submission to them a long time ago. I really consider my self fortunate because I am quite a boiler plate kind of a writer. For me if the wind is blowing then the wind is blowing, it would rarely murmur anything to me. At the best it could be a gentle wind or a storm or whatever, but no whispering to me and all, you get the drift? And yet I have always found encouragement from the Gonomad team for my stories.

Anyway, Max might visit India and he asked me in an email what should he particularly be looking for when he was packing. Of course I told him about all sundry things but what to pack. Then I offered him that I would try to do a blog post on this and you can’t keep the editor waiting!


This is India
This is India

1. My first thought is that if I had to talk about India to someone I would say, remember it is a big big country. Your experience may vary quite a lot depending on the place you are going to visit. I mean we have the Himalayas, the beaches, the desert, the Taj Mahal, the backwaters, the national parks and almost everything else in between. So if you went to Rajasthan then it is not comparable to Goa.

2. I was talking to a person who was from the US and was backpacking through India. He had seen more of India than me. He said, “When you come to India, you want everything to happen to the plan. But India teaches you patience. I do not easily get upset now if things don’t go according to the plan.” I think there is virtue in this advice. Plan minimally but after that let things take shape.

3. It is not a calamity in India when the power goes off. A good flash light may give you some peace of mind at those times.

4. Finding a pot hole on the road is almost normal, so don’t get scared when the car hits one. Freeway or highway is not the same in India.

5. There are a lot of people in India and depending on where are you going you will see a lot of them. After all out of that 7 billion people, India and China have a little more than one billion each. Rest of the 5 billion gets divided in the other 190 + odd nations of the world. Keep this in your mind.

This is Also India
This is Also India

But before I sign off, the picture above is also India. I think I can make a series of these observations, 5 is too little. If you have a tip to share do join the party.