Vilnius, Lithuania a Great Place to See

Estonia has long been the darling of the Baltic States, Lithuania and Latvia the untouched sisters. It is time to consider dating a sister. Both Ls have as of yet more character and less Euro vibe. That’s not to say that they are backward or lacking, both have lively scenes and very interesting things to explore. Better yet prices in these tough times are decent and will stretch farther.

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania; Soviet statues combined with medieval quarters ensure diversity. Modern building is going on but not at a pace that will mess up a visit. Theater and art have always thrived there and that is very evident today. Unfortunately during WWII war crimes prevailed and one of the best museums, covering the heartbreaking piece of history. Part of the history is covered at the Little Green House</a, small but so almighty powerful. Time spent in Vilnius will reinvigorate any visitor.