Why Do You Travel?

The Lure of the Road
The Lure of the Road

Have you ever asked this question? Do you know the answer? I have to admit I was not a born traveler. Even in college I was more off a sports person than a traveler. Yes I liked to go to places to participate in tournaments but travel came after sports. Then I started working and sports took a back, back seat. Yes there were some places where I could play table tennis but not always.

And gradually I realized I could only take so much of the big city life. There comes a stage when my mind just refuses to co-operate unless I get out. And by getting out I mean go to some other place. Going to a mall, a movie or eating does nothing for me.

There are many signs of this state. First is the extreme irritation with the traffic, I mean I negotiate it 5 days a week. But after a while it seems to be a monster personally trying to target me. Then I lose sense of color, everything looks grey and this is not very difficult if you live in a big concrete jungle.

Then comes the time when I can talk about nothing else but that I need to get out. And usually I do. Even a short weekend trip restores sanity till I hit this cycle again!

Why do you travel?

PS. This picture has been taken by Seshadri while traveling to Sedona, Arizona. No he went for work, so I was not there.