A Most Beautiful Wedding for a Wonderful Person, France

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Katherine planning our next day at the Chateau Bagnol a few back...
I have to remember that any news is big news in a small town so when I went into the drugstore to see if I could get a copy of Town & Country Weddings, eyes jumped. What is the next thing the guy who travels everywhere up to now? I was asked how Lil was doing 5 times before I left, my son Chance was also brought up. While not a frequent reader of Town & Country Weddings, I have a very special interest in this edition. My friend Katherine Johnstone was recently married to a very good man at the Chateau de Challain in the Loire Valley, France. Katherine who is as beautiful inside as out is in the issue. Katherine and the French Tourism Office in NYC have been wonderful to me over the years showing me things that make France such a one of a kind country. She always made those trips standout and we writers loved her lead. I have seen some of the pictures done by Shawn Connell for Christian Oth Studio and they are amazing! The bride and groom were decked out in period dress that is simply fantastic. I cannot think of anything better than for a wedding to be than picture perfect. This one was hands down worth a million words.