Back to the Road, Surviving Cancer Means Living

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Found in Axum, Ethiopia
Its been a long time coming and since I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking when I will once again be ready to head back out into the world I now have an answer. It means so much to hear from those who want me to cover a destination. Doctors from Sloan and my GP say now. Together we have worked on what I need to do and have with me to cover all the bases. In a way we have basically worked on what a surviving cancer patient needs to regain their way of life. I’m kind of proud, as traveling has never really been thought of before. I have noticed that simple things are what are needed and occasional blogs I do will also include postings that will help get survivors back to where they want to be, a new chapter indeed.

I am always asked why I travel so much and my answer is pat, hard to travel write if you’re not traveling, simple. Even past experiences are hard to get down if seeing new places does not stimulate me. I’m going back to a pattern I’ve had for so many years. At least one week a month I’m heading out. My medical team applauds this move and my journey through Northern New Mexico proved to me it is necessary. Tomorrow I am heading to Elm City, a city of many firsts, American style pizza, lollipops, Frisbee and the first home of the hamburger. New Haven may not be thought of as a destination but reading recently what I have tells me differently. This year will hold some big challenges for me as well as expanding my life. With one huge project in the works and even planning a gallery showing for my pictures are in motion. Surviving cancer is something that should be used and I plan on incorporating that into my life. It is time to live fully and completely again.