Behind New Haven’s Occupy Lines

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One unplanned visit here in New Haven was a tour of the Occupy tent city, these views are just from one visit and general. I was snapping away because I think the pictures taken show a lot. While snapping a young girl approached and asked if I would like a tour. Of course I did. I have to say her polite demeanor was very pleasant. I was hoping I wouldn’t get a lecture or have to sit through a sales pitch, enough time-share and condo pitches in my life. Nope none just easy going conversation. She showed me the kitchen and even a library they were putting together. The camp was generally clean and organized and after three months no easy feat. While I sensed some commitment I also detected a bit of lonely. Almost as if she would be homeless in an any event. If that is the case I’m glad she isn’t alone now. Changes have to be made and while I’m not sure this is the way, I applaud the New Haven group for being open with me and sharing their scene.