Going Out to Get Me Some Gobdol

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Want smoked raccoon for dinner? Go to New Orleans. Want deep-fried snapping turtle on your menu? Visit Minnesota’s Twin Cities. And how do I know this? I have been following Andrew Zimmern as he traipses all over America looking for the bizarre and sometimes, gross. He is known for sampling grub from all over the world, the funkier the better. But this year, he is not leaving the country, instead he shifts focus on his home turf and so his show has been renamed Bizarre Foods America.

I know, we have the meat and potatoes people, the burger and pizza aficionados and such, but we also have a sizable population who can’t wait to experiment. To use an oft-repeated phrase, America is a melting pot of different cultures and each of them bring something unique to the country’s dining table. Where else would you find so many ethnic concoctions, and it’s not just the big cities. Smaller towns sport Asian jaunts, Tapas bars and Sushi specials as well. When I am on a break from delayed flights and chaotic trips, I relish the idea of noshing on the unknown without leaving the comfort of my own town.

Not too many days back, I had the opportunity to do just that. Although my meal did not involve any exotic meat, but to me and the average Jane, a menu scribbled with names of authentic Korean cuisine will elicit many a question. I was at Jay Lim’s Edo II at 32 Padanaram Road in Danbury. After much speculation, I ordered the Gobdol, which is seasoned vegetables and beef, topped with a fried egg and served in a sizzling hot, stone rice bowl. It came with a side of fish cakes and kimchi (fermented cabbage) and a squirt bottle which held the promise of something hot and spicy. Being a novice to Korean fare, I began picking at my greens when the waitress walked over, poked the egg and using the golden yolk as a binder of sorts, mashed the whole thing into a fine ball of warm deliciousness. I was glad I hadn’t filled up on sushi (the place serves Japanese food as well) which was lined up on a bar not far from where we sat.

And if you are wondering about the name, there is a precursor to this joint, aptly named Edo I on Route 7 in Norwalk. My husband, who has been there a couple of time tells me it is bigger in size. As for the food, I guess I will have to drop in sometime and do a comparative analysis. Not that I am complaining.