Central America’s Great Health Success Story

Costa Rica

Why would environmental health students at the State University of New York in Albany choose to come to Costa Rica for graduate research? Easy. Costa Rica is a shining example of sustainability. In other words, it knows how to balance the needs of nature with human development.

When it comes to using renewable sources and controlling greenhouse gases, Costa Rica ranks third after Iceland and Switzerland. Embarrassingly, the U.S. falls well below the 50th benchmark.

By 2021, Costa Rica aims to achieve a net zero carbon footprint by replacing burning fossil fuels with renewable energy and offsetting carbon emissions by planting trees.

Costa Rica has lofty goals in the medical field as well – all to be admired and studied by America’s next generation of leading thinkers.

Follow along as I pace Laura, Hannah, Katie, Maureen, Jessica, Lindsey and Seth as they learn from and reciprocate ideas with students at the University of Costa Rica this week.