Cherry Street East Cafe

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Photo by Esha Samajpati. All rights reserved ©

I poked my head in to see if they were open. Luckily for us, they were. The bartender was handing out drinks as the game progressed on the flat screen glowing against the knotty pine walls. The bar-hoppers seemed content with their beer glasses and the impending showdown between Tim Tebow and Tom Brady. In the far corner, I spotted a set of comfy booths and an ad for a children’s drawing competition. Okay, we can eat here with a 3-month old. The booths sealed the deal, not the ad. Back in the car, we detached the infant carrier, straddled on the diaper bag and headed into the warmth of Cherry Street East Cafe, located on 45 East Avenue in New Caanan, Connecticut. Best decision ever.

My husband ordered the O’Burger while I went for the Reuben (see pic above). Plus coffee and chips. Covered with nicely seasoned, crispy onion rings, the burger was fresh and fantastic. My sandwich lived up to our expectations as well. The place had a unique vibe, kind of like family restaurant meets local tavern. This is a kind of joint where the server knows the diners by name, where the owner has his family chip in on busy days, and the town folk gather on weekends to watch the game.

As for us, there’s nothing we like better than trying out new restaurants on wintry afternoons, especially when they turn out to be a great find, worth writing about.