Nice Ad, Cool Place. Must Go.

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Having been in the business of making commercials for a few years, I can safely say that most of them don’t cater to women. A clean house, easy-fix meals, cereals that work like diet pills and the occasional approval from the men in their lives more or less sum up “what women want” in the world of ads. Yeah, Mel Gibson didn’t get it either but then he got electrocuted and began reading our minds. Nice movie, that one.

So obviously, I was pleasantly surprised to see the new Citi Thank You Card commercial. Here is a woman who wants to scale a rock, not wear it on her finger. And this woman needs accessories as well. But not the kind you have in mind.  See for yourself.

If you are wondering, the catchy tune that accompanies this 30-minute breath of fresh air is “Into the Wild” by L.P. The location is near Moab in Utah. For more details on the rock itself, check out Climbing Ancient Art.

I don’t know about you, but after seeing this ad, Utah has found a rock-solid place (pun intended) in my “must go” list. And if I were part of the “Visit Utah” team, I would definitely join forces with Citi and do a bit of cross-advertising. Win-win for both parties, eh?