Digging in the Dirt at Earth University

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Earth University

If you’re one of the lucky few chosen to attend the international Earth University say goodbye to hot showers, driving a car and a summer vacation. In exchange, you’ll be learning how to promote sustainability, start your own eco-business and confront social challenges in developing countries. A small price to pay for helping to make the world a better place.

I spoke with an English teacher from Massachusetts who came here six years ago. She lives on campus so students with questions can reach her anytime they need her.

“The level of dedication and commitment you see from students here in unlike anywhere else,” she says.

Over 1000 students from 17 countries, mostly from areas in the tropical zone, apply for the chance at receiving a Bachelors degree in Agricultural Sciences and Agronomy. Only 110 are picked for the four-year program that’s divided into three 15-week trimesters annually. Students are in school six days a week, 45 weeks of the year.