Dusting off the Must See List, Mexico City

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It happens every year, the must see places for whatever year. I admit I check them all out usually to see if I’ve been there. In fact I was happy to see the Mid-Hudson Valley made Lonely Planet’s choices for 2012. Lil and I are planning our lets go to list for this Feb. and I find that harder to do, trying to fit dates and times and all the other factors. We have narrowed our list to three and that was very difficult, no place on a list we decided. We came up with Mexico City, New Mexico or the Big Sur/San Francisco area. By a neck Mexico is leading.

A few years ago Mexico City was on everyone’s list, a darling destination, a must see. Because we lived in Arizona for thirteen years we found ourselves stumbling south frequently and both are big fans of Mexico. I once spent a week in Mexico City and loved it, fascinated and intrigued. So many things to see and do, a cornucopia of travel possibilities and now virtually in the lost list zone. I like that. Add on the fact that nearby is beautiful Cuernavaca and mysterious Topoztlan. While I love the Mexican beach places I have always preferred the inland villages and cities. There is nothing like finding an old convent or hacienda converted into a hotel. And coming down the home stretch…