Hiking the Berkshires on New Year’s Day?


Happy New Year everyone!

Normally, I’d be taking my first season’s run down Stratton Mountain this time of year. Instead, I packed a water bottle and small lunch for a climb up a Berkshire Summit this morning.

50 degrees Fahrenheit is disturbingly warm for January 1 but my inner-hiker wasn’t complaining.

Others felt the same way while George and I ascended up 2,135 feet at the Pleasant Valley Audubon Society in Lenox, Massachusetts. We followed the Yokon Brook straight up to the fire tower stopping to admire the clean runoff and fresh deer tracks. Bright mossy green spots peeked through a carpet of brown fallen leaves.

On the way down, we took a barren gravel road to save time. Bad idea. The road lead us out of the park, past private property, over muddy sink holes and miles from the parking lot.

We made it back just minutes before sunset.