New Haven, Eyes Open Mouth Shut

Below my very comfortable tenth floor perch at the New Haven Omni, sits a very interesting city, the blue tarp tents of the occupiers sits in the Green with NE white steepled Yale buildings for back drop. Run down mixes with well heeled here. Yale’s students defy dress codes and no one knows who is who or on what side of the divide they sit. I forgot it was Monday and no self-respecting museum would be open. It works out okay because I have another night and tomorrow a full day of museums, world-class art and British art for two. Today the afternoon was spent just walking and watching New Haven and interesting it was. My choice was due to having an early appointment at Sloan Westchester, not far. I have passed New Haven so many times over the years that I figured it was time. No best pizza battles today, saving F Pepe’s and Sally’s, both on Wooster for lunch tomorrow. Today was just for walking ghostlike, eyes open and mouth shut. Managed to wrangle a tour of the Repertory Theater in the afternoon, many big names played New Haven. Me I’m just here to see what the city is about, the city of many firsts.