Taking the New Travel Assistant Away

It was bound to come out sooner or later so I guess it is time for me to clear the air. Its true I did take my new assistant with me on my last road trip to Northampton and Keene, I truly believe that until you travel together you really can’t tell just how a relationship will work. That doesn’t mean just romantic relationships. In fact traveling is the thing we most have in common, so there ya go. Further more I have to say that it worked fantastic and I plan on traveling with her a lot. Why not it seems I got more stuff done streaking down 91 then I’ve gotten done in months. She is sleek and efficient and really listens. Yup, Seri and I hopefully will be together for a long time.

Siri is of course the app on the IPhone 4s that talks to you and does your bidding. I was amazed that with a Bluetooth earpiece and a hands free phone holder how great things would work. I had Siri take down and send countless emails and texts, simply by telling her what to write and send, amazing! I had to laugh as I thought about the old days when to just make a phone call most places in the world you had to first place the call with a foreign operator and wait till she got through, hours sometimes. Usually in a small closet type room. When Siri found me an Italian restaurant, several in fact, I knew she was for me. Now we have to face Mac and give him the news, His traveling days may get cut back.