The Brains Backup, Computer, Default

Maybe it was caused by unconscious desire for start a fresh after my two cancer treatments filled in with a broken back. A project I’m working on also required getting info. A firm push by going totally Apple I’m sure played a part. I took out old computers long forgotten and went through about 123,000 photos in Picasa. Old floppy disks littered the floor and cables ran everywhere, it never occurred to me but the last ten or so years of my life are completely covered. Because of blogging for the last five or so years I can pretty much tell you what I did on this date years ago. It is amazing what you remember and what has faded away. Funny how lyrics from songs I hated in 1970 I remember word for word. If my brain was a computer I would delete and make clear some space. In this computer world your life is pretty much recorded anyway. If you kept an old computer fire it up and check it out, it will amaze you.