The San Francisco Ritz, Perfect Base for the NFL Playoff Game

This weekend game between the SF Forty Niners and the NY Giants will no doubt be a great one to watch but leave it to some New Yorkers to do it right. I read in the NY Post about William Powers and some of his fellow NY fans heading to SF to cheer on their team. Forget about the private jet they hired for the journey, I’m a bit jealous about the lodgings they picked for the event, The SF Ritz Carlton. I stayed there about a year ago and while I’ve never met a Ritz I didn’t like, the SF Ritz was exceptional.

The beautiful Ritz on Nob Hill was built by the Metropolitan Insurance Company in 1909 and called the Temple of Commerce. I have one tip for the Powers party, get executive rooms, the lounge is amazing and changes its treats four times a day. Smoked Salmon, fantastic pastries and a full buffet breakfast might make it hard break away to the game. This Ritz is done in the classical style of the past with elegance and style yet has every modern amenity known to man, even a tech butler. All the better to send out reports on the game. This will be a game the group will long remember even if they don’t step one foot out of the hotel.