Travel Resolution for 2012

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It is easy to make resolutions. But it is hard to follow them. So I have decided to keep it simple this year. Instead of drawing up a list of places I want to visit and peaks I want to bag, I have just one travel resolution.

Pack up that diaper bag, pick up the baby, lock the front door and leave the house!

As a new mom to a 3-month old, that is my biggest challenge as well as my strongest motivator. I don’t know if come spring, we will take a road-trip to Holland (the one in Michigan) for the tulip festival and learn how to make a banket (pronounced bahn-KET is a Dutch almond pastry)¬†from scratch¬†.I don’t know if we will buy brand new hiking boots and hike up the White Mountains in summer or just take the easy way out and drive up the auto-road. I have no idea if we will get to beat the crowds and snowshoe in Cape Cod or go to London to see a dear friend.

My plans depend on getting the perfect on-the-go bottle warmer and the temperament of a baby who still prefers to snuggle against the warmth of his bassinet over the cold expanse of his crib. Needless to say, with a resolution like mine I have done plenty of research on “traveling with baby.” The tips below are a combination of late-night browsing and first-hand experience:

1. Don’t skimp on baby travel gear. If need be, cut back on the number of places you plan to visit but not on the gear.

2. If it’s a road trip you are taking, take a break whenever possible. If you are flying to the other side of the world (like we might fly to India), take a break in between continents. For us, we are thinking Europe.

3. There is no such thing as too many bottles of hand-sanitizer and disinfecting wipes.

4. Always discuss the trip with your pediatrician and take her advice before leaving.

And with that, I wish everyone happy travels in 2012.

N.B. This post is part of the Bootsnall Indie Travel Challenge 2012.