A Major League Drive-in, Diner and Dive

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Danny's All American Diner

Danny's All American Diner

Danny's All-American Diner

For the past five days I’ve been on the trail of Guy Fieri’s “Drive-ins, Diners & Dives” in Tampa, Florida. I put my dining faith in Fieri and without fail he did not disappoint.

On Tuesday, we slid into baseball-decorated Danny’s All-American Diner and Dairy Bar just off I-75 going north on Falkenburg Road.

Danny was tossing a homerun favorite dripping with trimmings including pastrami, mojo pork, fried onion rings and jalapeno peppers. It was called the Triple D Triple Play and it’s the only sandwich Fieri has ever created during the filming of his show. My sister and I promptly ordered one cut four ways.

Not to say that Danny’s Burger joint needs more choices.

Following 8 varieties of Hall-of-Fame burgers, the hotspot serves 12 classic deli sandwiches, 7 styles of old-fashioned Kayem frankfurters, 2 Ybor Cuban delights and 1 South Philly thinly-sliced Ribeye cheese steak. Names like the Pitchers Mound, the Babe Ruth Burger and the Round Tripper complete the bases.

Danny likes it when his customers use their imagination. They can order just about anything from seafood to salads and Danny will accommodate.

Dad got a kick out the old-fashioned drinks including rarities like Nehi and R.C., sodas he’s hasn’t sipped since he was a child.

Mrs. Danny fed us homemade cheesecake cupcakes for dessert and proudly showed off the restaurant’s yellow plastic Wiffle bat signed by one of their most loyal customers, center fielder Curtis Granderson of the New York Yankees.

nderson at Danny's All-American Diner