A Peter Guttman Photo Event, Amazing as Always

It has been a yearly event for over twenty but just keeps getting better and rave reviews from the NY Times, NPR and Living Channel among so many others keep piling in. It is the slide show of photographer Peter Guttman. Actually it is much more than that, it is several nights when Peter’s work for the year is displayed and the amazing Guttman apartment becomes an event. With two Lowell Thomas Awards among others and several well-received books Peter’s photos speak for themselves. Several I Apps also out.

A night at the Guttman’s (amazing apartment) is also a chance to run into travel writing and editing folks missed after long stretches. A huge bonus was to once again see his wife, Lori’s smiling face and catch some of their son Chase’s amazing photo work. Chase recently won the Grand Prize in the National Geographic Photography Competition for kids! It just put me over the top that I met dear old friend Lynn O’Rourke Hayes, writer extraordinaire and owner/editor of the great new travel site, Family Travel. I actually met Peter while sharing a press van with Lynn in Kenya. Since then the three of us have hooked up around the world in places like Latvia, Russia, China and such. Thanks to Peter, Lori and Chase for making my night special once again at one of my favorite events of the year.