A Short Clip from Sir Chris Bonington’s Talk


Here is a short clip with Sir Chris Bonington gave at our institute. Sorry for the poor audio quality but I recorded it on my cell phone. This is that part in his talk when he is on the final stretch of Everest. And just before he climbs notice how he mentions all his dead climbing partners as a tribute.

But let us move to the fun part. When he as climbing with the 1985 Norwegian expedition he learned just two words of Norwegian and that meant “I am hungry.”  He told us (not in this clip) that there was a gala dinner later hosted in their honor at Oslo after the success of the expedition. There they all were greeted by the king of Norway and he saked Sir Chris, so did you learn any Norwegian? Sir Chris replied standing to attention, “Yes Sir” and repeated what he thought was ‘I am hungry’ in Norwegian. The king took a step back and look shocked and confused, his body guards even more alarmed and it then dawned on Sir Chris that those words did not mean I am hungry. His climbing mates had actually taught him some foul words that he repeated to the king!

And guess what? We have one more day with him at the campus tomorrow.