Beauty Built on Black Backs, Charleston SC

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It is a period of American history that has a macabre feeling, ghoulish and evil and part of the South that still draws a bad mind set. We ended up our day in Charleston at the Slave Museum housed in what was once a slave market. Two cities in the US because of their tie to the Atlantic have huge slave dealing pasts, Annapolis and Charleston. When I think of the beauty of this city and its stately homes and buildings it was built on a lot of pain, suffering and black lives.

Yesterday we started the day with a drive to the Boone Hall Plantation and saw the Slave cabins. The hours of work the slaves put in were staggering and yet records show that caloric intake minimal. How, I asked our guide could they survive on such rations? Current digs provide the answer, bone remains of wild animals where found buried near the cabins. Secret nighttime hunting forays into the swamps for food. The toil was constant; when the planting and harvesting was done the slaves were rented to city dwellers for building and doing the labor. Beauty at price that in no way can be calculated.