Greenland’s Prolific Disko Bay

PilotGirl hasn’t done much traveling since being back from Costa Rica. This is a good thing. Leaves me time to focus on writing articles for GoNomad.

In the meantime, dozens of press releases from travel companies are waiting in my Inbox for me to share on this blog.

Most of them I won’t post because I haven’t traveled to the destination myself. It’s hard to endorse a place you haven’t been to. But, today, Aqua-Firma, specialists in the exploration of everything wild, sent me the following exciting news.

It’s a Whale, Polar and Iceberg Safari led by marine scientists in Greenland’s Disko Bay. I visited Western Greenland in 2007 and I can vouch for the amazing marine species and fast moving glaciers that you’ll see.

Disko Bay is also a world UNESCO heritage site protected from commercial development and rich with minke, humpback, beluga and fin whales.

With 24 hours of sunlight at this time of year, the opportunities for getting close to whale and other wildlife encounters are greatly increased. The area is also blanketed with a variety of bird life, including the long-tailed skuas, turnstones, grey phalaropes and a colony of over 10,000 breeding pairs of kittiwakes.