Poking Around Pittsfield State Forest

Pittsfield State Forest

Pittsfield State Forest

You have a 4-hour window between job shifts in the early afternoon. Rather than waste precious sunshine head to the Pittsfield State Forest for a 90 minute hike on 30-miles worth of trails.

I did just that and wisely brought my Kahtoola MicroSpikes to prevent breaking a leg on the slippery snow patches.

Unlike Beartown, the DCR office at Pittsfield was closed along with the camping grounds but maps were available in the mailbox.

The gurgling sound of Lulu Brook and a quaint footpath along side it caught my attention. I started climbing… and climbing…and climbing.

Soon I discovered I was ascending the highest peak – Honwee Mountain, one of several mountains in the Taconic Range. Dogs, snowmobiles, skiers, hikers; there were fading tracks from all species of forest friends.

Given my limited time I didn’t hike to the top of Honwee but instead looped back across Lulu Brook and down a closed road.

The waterfalls, streams and picnic areas left a great impression for a longer hike this Spring.