Travel Writing 101

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When I taught travel writing at South Mountain College in Arizona I always new who was really interested and who wasn’t. Most of the class concentrated on one thing only traveling. Ah Grasshopper that comes later I would explain. First you must meet those who can make it happen. They only thought of who would print stories, wrong. You also need to meet those who facilitate you getting to those places you want to write about.

I know writers in NYC who dine out almost every night of the week, sometimes that might just mean cocktail finger food but hey. Tourism boards and tour companies spend millions getting the word about their places out and events are one way. How you may ask do I get invited, easy research the media contact person, write them and explain your desire to get invited, in reality they are always looking for new writers . Tonight I am going to my favorite travel event in NYC the French event, love the people there, both the writers that show up and those working the event. Even after 16 years of doing my job I know how after my cancer illness it is important to get back out there and show my face. Tonight that begins…