A Legal Visit to Cuba, On the Board

Picture from the project, now hanging hereI am all pro go when it comes to Cuba and I believe that the day is coming when it will be like booking a ticket to MCO to visit Mickey and the gang. I know like we all do that getting there isn’t all that hard with a Mexico or Canadian flight. Other than that you need to get a special pass from the US for humanitarian reason. I think I’ve got my reason.

The picture you see of the child is done by a Cuban child who is dealing with autism amongst other issues. A wonderful project that is now in the works and one I will be writing much more about. I think it might also be interesting to see just what those special dispensation visit Cuba mean before they hopefully fade away into nothingness and gone. I would love to see, Projedo “ Conamor” y speranza Pinar del Rio. I plan on following this one much further… The other picture is a piece of work done by artist Judith Mac Calla that now lives here, we are so glad to have it.

Judith Mac Calla's piece again now here