Better off Alive at Snowbird Mountain

Snowbird Tunnel

This is not a Walt Disney World ride (though it feels like it) but rather the Peruvian Express at Snowbird Mountain in Utah. It’s the first of its kind in North America.

It opened in late 2006 after months of mining a 600-foot passageway through the top of the mountain connecting the gulch with the basin.

A conveyor belt under my skis transports me on a 4-minute ride to the other side.

Because of old glacier formations, Snowbird offers some serious extreme skiing including the location of a scene from one of my favorite John Cusack films – “Better off Dead.”

At the end of the 1985 cult classic there’s a ski competition on a treacherous slope called K-12. During the race, a deranged paperboy on a bike, with a ski replacing the front tire, pursues John Cusack, repeating “I want my two dollars!”

Even with soft ski conditions, I wisely refrained from tackling that same run!