Cog Railway, America at its Best…

I have to say I am very excited to write this blog for two reasons; it is about one of America’s treasures—the Cog Railway—and is owned by a family I know who also happens to be a treasure. Since 1868 fare paying customers have been taking the little train that could up to the top of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, a truly breathtaking ride that I consider one amazing experience. The train uses the rack-and-pinion system that climbs in degrees and guarantee thrills. A gentleman named Sylvester Marsh developed it but today’s success is due to a guy by the name of Wayne Presby and his partner Joel Bedor. Without Wayne’s wife Susan and Joel’s wife Cathy as well as Wayne’s daughter Abby I think this piece of Americana might have disappeared.

Wayne and Joel were part of the families that took the Mt Washington Hotel from a wreck to one of the most astonishing places to stay in these fifty states. Forget that they took it worldwide into an unbelievable place to stay and view the Presidential Range in New Hampshire an undertaking that few could or would do. The area is magic! I was so fortunate to watch the transformation over the years; as a family we spent time every summer with other family friends up in the glory that we called Wayne’s World, even one of the most amazing weddings when Wayne married a woman that I am so proud to call a friend these years later. I think of the development of the Rail, hotel and ski area and it boggles the mind, a project worthy of a Ken Burn’s film.

To get your group up to a part of the greatness of Americana and American ingenuity, not to mention some of the most breathtaking scenery ever on display go to or call 800 922-8835.