Guest Speaker Stumbles at NY Times Travel Show

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NY Times Travel Show

Did you get to the NY Times Travel Show this weekend? I sure hope so because, like every year, the lists of exhibitors and travel professionals grows bigger and bigger.

Travel writers Arthur and Pauline Frommer, Samantha Brown, Julia Dimon and Patricia Schultz were greeted by hundreds of adoring fans asking for their autographs and expert opinions.

At 5p, Beth Whitman of Wanderlust and Lipstick, myself and Max Hartshorne of took center stage for an hour. Max graciously forfeited half his time so that I could spend more time on my topic; “How to Make a Travel Video.”

I brought three examples of my favorite travel videos and a 15-minute presentation. I also set up my video camera at the back of the room to record myself and the rest of my colleagues.

Then, as soon as it was my turn to take the podium my worst fears came true. The evil multicolored spinning wheel appeared on my laptop!

If you own a Mac you know that simple keystrokes don’t normally fix a spinning wheel.

Still, I hit the reboot key once, twice… faltering to introduce myself because I was determined to pretend that my computer crashing was not happening.

My mind went blank.

With maybe a 100 or more awkward mugs looking at me I surrendered to the lack of visual aids to carry me through.

When the computer finally came back to life and my notes launched my time had shrunk to 8 minutes.

For what it’s worth, I think I was still able to enlighten a few writers on the video-making process because after the presentation several folks pulled me aside with kudos.

Many thanks to travel writer Kent St. John of Ulster County for treating me to drinks at Lolita Bar and then a big bowl of homemade ravioli in Midtown to make me feel better!