Hold the Presses, Lincoln Eagle Grows

A few years ago I was asked by old friend Michael Marnell if I would be interested in submitting some travel articles for a newspaper he was starting, named the Lincoln Eagle. It was going to be a giveaway, the kind found near the checkout in stores. Sure I thought the Marnells have always been good friends to me from a very young age not to mention very hard working and talented folks, known mostly musically. Michael has written some amazing songs and brother and drummer Steve invented some kind of thing for drummers now used by top bands everywhere. The sisters have voices like angels. So why not? It probably will not last long anyway in these days of internet.

Boy was I wrong, today the paper flies out the door and I have to get to the stores early to get copies to send to the PR people who sometimes arrange trips for me. Advertisers, many some of the biggest businesses in the Mid-Hudson Valley are buying ads and contributors run the full range all the way up to our elected officials in Wash DC. With world news and events gotten so easy online and TV Michael hit on the right idea, local stuff for local people, stuff you can not get else where, much like the ultra successful Dan’s Paper in the Hamptons. When I write a travel piece it is like telling my friends about a great place to go. I was a bit late with this entry as Travel section guy and emailed Michael to go without me. I got one in return, “No man we’ll hold the presses”. I never thought I’d hear something that is found in movies and such. May the presses roll for a good longtime at the Lincoln Eagle, perhaps an online version coming? While GoNOMAD is my true love, it is good to have some print out also.