Keeping your Pictures Safe

It was a weekend devoted to pictures, taken by me since the first 3 Mega Pixel I used, goes back quite a bit. The changes in computers, equipment and cameras have been massive but my enjoyment of snapping grows larger and larger. I think if I lost my pictures from a crashed computer that would hurt more than anything else. Of course I’ve been using portable hard drives for a long time also.

The recent move to MAC has created a whole new can of worms to deal with. Some hard drives can handle both PC and Mac some not. Some a little bit others spotty. I’m finding the same with the massive amounts of CDs and DVDs that I have put pictures on. I’m also kind of stuck in the middle with Picasa and the I Photo 11 that was on my MacPro Book when I got it. Neither provides what I’m looking for.

I did find one product that seems to be great at least so far, the Picture Keeper, basically small flash drive size and look alike contraptions. I’m amazed at the amount of photos they can hold. For example the PK-16 I have can hold 4000 photos. My only problem is I totally underestimated just how many photos I’ve stored over the years. We tried to figure out close to the exact number but no way! As an estimate if I showed all the pics on a five second delay it could run four days straight. Between that and filled up passports it looks like I haven’t been home much over the last fourteen years or so.