The Titanic and Belfast Rise Again…

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My last trip to Belfast we stopped at a concrete tower, not much more. It was slated to be the ultimate Titanic Museum, the final word, the best. It was quite clear that Belfast was getting tired of everyone staking a claim to the ill-fated ship. This April 15 is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the “ship of dreams”, the Titanic. The cost $150-million-plus, think of that on tax day! The Harland and Wolff Docks will again be busy under Samson and Delilah, the huge iconic cranes.

March 31 is the opening day of the modern and media filled museum, that concrete tower has fully blossomed. Nine galleries of exhibits as well as full size replica of the engine room will be unveiled. So also will the Jack and Rose Stairway taking visitors up the First Class stairs. The actual voices of survivors will tell their tales of that night 100 years ago. If it is even close to the plans I saw way back in the beginning, Belfast will own the Titanic and its story. In fact things in Belfast are rising and rapidly, the increase of visitors to this wonderful city continue to rise as does the Titanic once again.