Things Looking up in the Hudson River Valley, HVEDC

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I get a wee bit melancholy one day every year when I go to the lecture series done in my deceased Dad’s honor at the college UUUC right down the road from home. It is sponsored by Ulster County Savings Bank were he was the bank chair for many years as well as an attorney. He was an over-achiever in ever way, yet a wonderful and loving dad. There was always time for his kids. I cannot walk through the area without someone stopping me to tell me how he help out someone or family, either getting a start or getting out of sinking.

He would have liked the speaker Michael Oates’s take today during these depressing economic times. Michael is the CEO of HVEDC, to keep it short developing strategies for the promotion and development of the Hudson River Valley. The prime strategy is using cluster development, bringing together business that base in an area and use that as strength. For example when you think of Silicon Valley you think of business that while doing some of the same type things, actually use that as a tool. Working together and sharing what can be shared. I am happy to say things are looking up here in the Hudson Valley. Primarily in the Biotech and Food and Beverage sectors. It certainly beats the no news is good news philosophy.