Back to Work, Antigua Sailing Week…

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As my good friend and intrepid flyer Lisa Loverro would say, “its wheels up “, feels good that it is my wheels! Going back on the road for a GoNOMAD, assignment, the Antigua Sailing Regatta, thanks Max. After a week of Sloan checking and probing it is all systems go. I’m down to what Sloan can and cannot do, two battles have taken their toll but in general it is time to live again. Sadly while I got this news Levon Helm lost his final battle twelve years after getting diagnosed with throat cancer, average is five years.

Helm toured, held shows better known as rambles at home in his barn and even a Grammy win during that time period. I’ll just be happy doing what I do, traveling and writing about it, picture taking is icing on the cake! Bottom line, get on with life, the good, the bad, the ugly all of it wonderful! So next week I reenter the life I’ve come to love so well and its back on the van, in this case, the press boat and do some rambling myself, the clock ticks.