For Easter ~ Travelujah!

Caesarea Maritima

Diana and PilotGirl at Beattitudes

Just in time for Easter, a faith-based social travel network called “Travelujah” just posted a wonderful Q&A of a trip I took with Diana von Glahn to the Holy Land this time last year.

As you may remember from prior posts Diana hosts a regular show on EWTN called The Faithful Traveler.

She and her husband David invited PilotGirl to help document the pilgrimage organized by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia that included stops at the Sea of Galilee, Jericho near the Jordan river, the Palestinian city of Bethlehem and the capital Jerusalem.

Travelujah recently interviewed Diana about last years journey asking her questions like “What surprised you the most?” and “Did you feel safe?” and “How did the experience impact your faith?” To read more, visit here ~ .