Hudson Valley Magazine, Reminders That Matter

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I know two brothers that used to fight like crazy, it was years ago but god forbid you got in the way of flying fists. Yet, pick on one of them and the wrath of Khan would fall on you, even if you were defending one against the other. I use this as an example of how a lot of people who live and grew up here feel, fine if I put it down but not you. The very reason I love Hudson Valley Magazine, I’m reminded how lucky I am to live here.

The new issue has a piece, “7 Top Towns” and Saugerties is one of them. Well deserved I must add. Yet I remember when it was the joke, a bad one. Now people come from all over to walk beautiful streets through a town that has great restaurants and world-class antique stores. A new hotel ( Diamond Mill ) that is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, a new 18 hole golf course, complete with a village, spa and such. In fact each of the seven has great things going on. I live amongst a terrific mountain range, wait a few ranges. The CIA’s school provides the area with the hottest new chefs and there is everything a person could want here. No wonder NYC celebs head here. Yup, Hudson Valley Magazine once again reminds me. Fists up brother.