I Hate 2X2 Small Planes

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An Aerial View over a Delhi Chandigarh Flight
An Aerial View over a Delhi Chandigarh Flight

I have to admit I hate flying in 2X2 small planes. They are small and they get really thrown around during turbulence. And that leads to motion sickness for me. For example I went to Chandigarh today (work) and took an evening flight back. While going it was all peace and quiet. But coming back is another story. It started raining at Chandigarh while I was heading back to the airport itself.

Once the flight took off soon enough the fasten seat belt sings were switched off and quickly switched on again, there was so much turbulence! And going by past experience this means I might need the air sickness bag! Only, on this Kingfisher flight there were none in the seat pocket. I told myself that if I would remain still and go to sleep I would not vomit. But try as I might there was always a nagging doubt, what if I suddenly needed it?

In the end I pressed the assistance button and the hostess appeared soon. I said, “with this much turbulence I might need an air sickness bag.” She appeared very quickly with a poly bag but I was not complaining. And as soon as I got that poly bag I managed to doze off.

Thankfully there was no turbulence over Delhi and I managed to get out of the aircraft without using that poly bag. 

And if we go by Google images Kathmandu to Lukla flights are 1X1 and I would be taking one soon!