Power Players inside the Plywood Hut

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Susan Arbetter

The WCNY Capitol Pressroom in the NY State Capitol, better known as “The Plywood Hut” sure is a busy place.

Radio and TV personality and political junkie, Susan Arbetter, stays glued to her laptop all day. Her space is no bigger than a walk-in closet surrounded by microphones, wires, lights and, well, lots of plywood.

The makeshift cubbyhole is part of the historic LCA (Legislative Correspondence Association) press room, a museum in a way, with larger-than-life size portraits of past governors and famed politicians.

Arbetter is one of many veteran journalists who follow the daily minutia of stories at the Capitol. Her research is intense.

Sometimes she interviewing as many as half a dozen pundits, advocates and professionals from all walks of life in under an hour. Even the Governor makes time for her as he did yesterday before his whirlwind tour of Schoharie County.

I’m filling in for her regular cameraman this week by videotaping and editing her segments for several PBS affiliates across the state.

You can follow along with the drama at: http://video.wcny.org/program/the-capitol-report/