Seat Belts Fastened and Destination Open

I often add much about living far into the country, but in reality 7 miles away is every chain store or restaurant a person could or could not want. The great part is that I can also put on my Dunham boots and wander via rail trail, wood trail, historic trail or my favorite—no trail. Just a field ringed by stone walls and then by the mountains. The majestic Mohonk Mt. House always in view. I try to do a good 4 or 5-mile stroll, no time limit or interference—just thoughts and views.

It was a walk today filled with what about and you should do. Decisions affect so much more then I’ve ever realized before. I’ve always wanted to work on a book but the point of just seeing much out there was never enough. Okay so time to do it and that takes rewrites and endless thinking, healing in my case though. Then how to get back into a routine that you have followed for fifteen plus years, differing ideas and offers come to my email and message box. A nice invitation for lunch with some hotel hotshots came today, lunch at Benoit in NYC, and a definite, yes. I came across an old Case tractor as I rambled and happened to have a camera with me. What to do passed, clicking now was easy.