The Tailored Tea Farmhouse

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The Tailored Tea

Per their fabulous website and a mention on the blog that Steve Barnes writes, I took Mutti and sis for high tea at The Tailored Tea in Latham.

The 1785 farmhouse sits directly behind the Albany International Airport runway. Rather than hear the roar of planes landing and taking off, we were too engaged in the history of the farmhouse. From knotted floorboards to low stairway ceilings to rooms that once served hard alcohol during its days as a tavern, there’s a lot more than a menu to discover.

After a short tour of the upstairs we sat in a front room sharing a pot of steaming chocolate orange truffle tea paired with savory scones.

Sipping exotic mixtures laden with healthy antioxidants from dainty antique cups is so feminine. A small group of women sat behind us exchanging birthday presents and the single lady next to the window chimed in that her daughter Megin was one of the servers.

There wasn’t a man in the place, making this special 21st century tea escape completely opposite from its early drinking days with rowdy men. Special indeed.