Travel Writing 101, Connect…

Easter Week is traditionally a busy travel time, kids are off and so it goes. Hotels packed, jets filled and payday for resorts that hunger many other weeks of the year. Due to Lil’s shoulder surgery and other reasons we are pretending that we’ve rented a place in the country; it is working. I’m still on the phone and computer though and catching up with things that have passed me by the last few years. Cancer sucks!

Travel Writing 101 to me: meet connections and treasure them. I find so much info is passed to beginning writers except the importance of that simple fact. I talked with some today, people who have made my job easier and more importantly become friends. I have always thought PR people have the tough job in the circle of travel writing: pleasing clients, providing writers with what they want, ugh! Over the years I’ve been blessed meeting some of the best. I just got off the phone with one of the finest, Vivian—she has sent me to so many amazing places that it boggles the mind.

So like any beginning writer, I also have to let people know I’m ready to go. Okay the beginner asks, how? Check online and see who covers whom as a client; if it happens to be something that you live near, bingo. If it is something your outlet covers, double bingo. There are events that are held and there is nothing wrong with calling to see if an invite is possible—bet it is. Most important is honesty, integrity and doing right. It is a small world—travel writers move in and above all that matters, better than an opening that Shakespeare would be jealous of. Thanks to those I spoke to and looking forward to more. Hard to remember I’m not here on vacation, Easter Week!