Traveling and Hidden Treasure

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If you want to know someone really well it takes a trip to their basement, attic, garage or here in Cottekill, their barn. Let’s face it garbage is just for that, garbage, not put in the places people stick things they really love. It’s not to be taken away but saved. No one looking through may understand but you sure do. For example the collection of Chinese vases sitting in the barn loft, chipped and partially broken but treasure to me.

Perhaps I think of this because I went to the Jersey Shore this weekend to say goodbye to the father of a friend that over years became a friend to me, no doubt to me he had crabbing nets stashed in the garage for taking first the kids crabbing when they were young and then the grand kids there were plenty around.

Maybe it came to me when I went over to the neighbor’s house when I heard the banjo strings getting plucked. She and her companion are only up on weekends but brought some great attitudes with them. Like not needing NY State to sanctify their union. After I admired her barn she invited me to cruise in and check it out that is when it hit me. When traveling try to hit some of the offbeat places that’s always where the true treasures are kept!