Traveling, My Dad’s Gift

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It has been nine years ago today since my Dad passed, a man who gave me much and the reason I feel like such a lucky man myself. He was a wonderful guy and I am constantly reminded when I walk the streets of Ulster County. Not a day goes by when even nine years later someone will approach me to tell so. I am told how he helped this one get a start or that one a home. Of all the great things he gave to me, material and other wise was my love of travel.

Howard AKA Jack took my sisters and me all around the globe. There was no such thing as leaving the kids behind at home. Some of those destinations seem far more commonplace today then in the early 1960’s. Adventures like self-driving 3 kids around Portugal and Spain or traveling through Germany by train were not easy and Mom gets equal credit. While he was a wiz in business, lawyer, banker and developer kept him moving but he always had time for us, especially on those wonderful trips. It feels great to be called dad myself these days, I can only hope to try to reach the pinnacle of daddom that Jack did. He is missed, very often.