Ulster County and Levon Helm, Thanks Levon an Ulster County Homeboy

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It was sad news on the cover of the Kingston Daily Freeman today; local Levon Helm is in the final stages of the throat cancer he has had since 1998. Having just spent he last few days going through the check ups and tests that you do once being diagnosed with throat cancer. It is now a, rest of my life part of life. While I am grateful things showed up clear in the back of my mind the threat remains, in the case of Helm it cancer has again reared its ugly head.

Levon and I share a few other things and unfortunately it isn’t his amazing musical talent but a love for the area we both live in Ulster County, NY. In fact to stay closer to home Levon put on Saturday Night Rambles at his home in the converted barn. He has been here since his days with the Band. An amazing venue with amazing musical guests showing up, always a great time. The Grammy winner also recently did a video on behalf of Ulster County Tourism.