Baby in the Backseat – Tips for a Long Road Trip

I have been busy. Super busy. The little one is commando crawling, which means we have been baby proofing. Also, he does not like being in his car seat when he is awake so we are having to re-think long road trips. So far, we have been to the Springfield Museums and the Niagara Falls with him. The first one was a breeze but the drive to and from Buffalo was a little too long for the tiny traveler.

Apart from the usual “take his favorite toys” and “increase the number of pit stops” here are a few things I have learnt along the way:

1. Utilize his bedtime for covering a big chunk of the journey, which means you will have to travel late at night or early morning.

2. Snacking is best kept to a minimum and maybe not at all. This will result in a cleaner car, and a baby who will readily polish off his on-the-go puree pouches when you actually stop for a bite.

3. When stopping to grab a coffee, make sure you unstrap the little one and let him play around a bit. If needed, go ahead and disinfect every surface he comes in contact with but do let him stretch his tiny toes.

4. Car windows, especially the rear one should have some sort of shade or screen to minimize glare.

Traveling with a baby is not easy but it has its moments, like when you glance into the mirror to check on him and catch the inquisitive look in his eyes as he tries to figure out the swiftly changing scenery on either side. Or, when he falls asleep clutching his favorite giraffe and you see his tiny mouth curve into a beautiful smile. Relish it while you can, for like they say, “the days are long but the years are short.”